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May 11, 2010

Jack Update, Daddy Daycare and Thankfulness

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So here is my second attempt “blogging.”  Jack had a good week this past week.  He rolled over numerous times which I seemed to miss each time until Mother’s Day!  Tiffany took  Jack  to a new doctor,a neuro developmental pediatrician who thinks he might be allergic to milk and this could be causing some of the problems.  If Jack is not absorbing the nutrients he needs, it could also be causing some of the developmental delays.  Dr. Brannan also believes that Jack’s CP is mild and there is even a chance that he could outgrow it by age 2!!  Of course, this is our prayer and we know that he can be healed.  We are also going to the Shriner’s hosptial in Shreveport to have a complete evaulation done on July 1st and are so thankful for all they are doing. 

My Beautiful Bride became sick with a stomach bug  causing her  to be in bed from Saturday evening through today.  I feel bad because she did not get to enjoy the special day devoted to her and what a great mother she is.   Though it was bad Tiffany became sick, God used it as an example for me to see how much Tiffany does for our family.  I was a stay at home dad for the past couple of days.  I took Jack to Physical Therapy, watched the boys, provided dinner, and I was tired afterwards.  Tiffany does all this and more on a daily basis and does so with a servant and motherly heart.  I am truly blessed Tiffany is my wife and mother to William and Jack. 

As I watch Tiffany over the past couple of weeks dealing with Jack, from taking him to appointments, completing paperwork or playing with the boys,  I  am more amazed and in love with my beautiful bride.   She is stressed out and overwhelmed at times but does not show it.   These last couple of days  taught me to value my beautiful bride for all she does as a wife and mother.   I need to remind her and show her daily how thankful I am for her.   

Proverbs 31:28

” Her Children bless her.  Her husband praises her.”


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