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April 27, 2009

Jack Wesley’s Shower

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Three of the moms of students I teach threw us a shower on Saturday.  It was such a blessing to our family as we celebrated Jack and received so many wonderful gifts.  God is so good and we are so thankful to Him for our friends and family!  A special thanks to the hostesses, Rhonda, Kris, and Brooke…and the mini-hostesses too, Chandler and Addie 🙂  I love you all.


Arts Festival Fun

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We went to the Arts Festival with Grandma Jean, Matt, Olivia, and Cash.  It was a lot of fun hanging out and watching the boys play together.  They both got a face painting and played in the “fabric tunnel”…they had the best time!

April 19, 2009

The Big 2-9!

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This week I turned 29 and it was one of the best birthdays I can remember.  Andrew brought me breakfast in bed(from the Bagel Shop:), my friends at work had Starbucks and Cuppies and Joe waiting for me, my students decorated my room, gave me the sweetest cards and gifts, and made me red velvet cupcakes, Will came to see Mommy at lunch with a beautiful handmade card (BTW- he ate 8-9 mini corn dogs while Andrew and I watched in amazement!), and then I went to Nikellette’s with the best mom-in-law ever.  It was such a great day and a huge blessing to me!  We also celebrated on Thursday night with friends and family and had a lot of fun…especially watching the boys break it down!  Cash, Will, and Lil Will raised the roof and danced to Veggie Tales.  Shocking, I know 🙂

April 14, 2009

“Jesus, Jesus!”

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We celebrated Easter this year and it was extra special as we prayed with Will about the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He was so sweet as we prayed, he just kept on saying “Jesus, Jesus!”  He recently moved up rooms at church and they do lessons every Sunday; they have been learning about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.  One of the pictures was of Jesus on the cross wearing the crown of thorns.  The other day we drove by Liberty Tax (you know the ones that have the Statue of Liberty or Uncle Sam outside) and Will said “Jesus Mommy, look Jesus!”  I looked over to see the huge Statue of Liberty on top of the building.  It was so funny to me! 

Will is also sleeping in a “big boy bed” now!  We decided to go ahead and start the transition since Jack…(yes, we are naming our son Jack Wesley!!) is going to sleep in the crib.  The two of them are going to share a room and so Grandma and I moved things around the other day.  Here are a few pictures of Will in his bed and one prego picture of me.

April 9, 2009

The last couple weeks…

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We have not been up to much lately…watching a lot of basketball and Andrew has been busy with soccer.  By the way, the HH girls team is ranked #1 in class 4A!  Will loves going to the games and kicking the ball around.  He definitely has his dad’s skillz! 

Here are a few pics.

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